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Quick Quote... And we mean Quick!

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Scan and E-Mail the following documents and we'll send you maximum loan amount the property qualifies for and a term sheet with current rates and program choices.

  1. Operating statements (P & L's) on the subject property for year to date and this month’s Rent Roll. Must include total rents received and itemized expenses.
  2. Include requested program, LTV and credit score. E-mail to info@aptlending.com and put in subject line: Quick Quote Request. Questions call 303-771-1031.
  3. Then if borrower wants to move forward with the loan send us the full Pre-Qualification package on the web site.
  2. Contact
  3. Loan Request
  4. $100,000 Minimum
  5. % Percent
  6. % Percent
  7. % Percent
  8. Refinance Only
  9. Refinance Only
  10. Refinance Only
  11. Property
  12. (Percentage of Units Occupied)
  13. Yearly
  14. Yearly
  15. Yearly
  16. NOTE: The Net Operating Income (NOI) above is the annual Gross Income minus annual Operating Expenses. Use Jan through most Current Full Year Gross Income minus Operating Expenses for (NOI) above. These numbers are what the loan will be based on so, please research numbers before filling in the blanks above.